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Outstanding. Congratulations!

Someday we need to figure out which of us has the larger head. I think it's me -- but then again, I've never been called "pumpkinhead" or "footballhead" as you have, so it may be a toss up.

Could the size of our skulls be a basis for our new nom-de-blog?


Big Two-Headed Bloggers?

It's Hemingway-esque.

Gee, I forgot about that time the kid called me footballhead. Thanks!

Look at those pictures, will ya? My head IS getting bigger...and I swear my training did not involve steroids. Not that much anyway. Just that one time in my lower buttock. What kind of a role model for the kids would that make me if I took steroids?

I can't explains my big head.


Congrats on beating the bridge and finishing well! Enjoyed reading your race report. I was also out there that beautiful day running the MCM. What a great experience.

Btw, you didn't mention your time. You buried the leded! :-) What was it?


Oh, forgot to mention...I made it in 5 hours 43 minutes...which was just under what I predicted I'd do (5:50), so that's okay. Recovered really well, back to normal by Wednesday. How'd you feel after running, bex?


Awww man, this got me all misty.


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